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a few years ago: e2€œThe organization must codniser how e2€˜the lede2€™ view leadership.e2€9d Zinni added that e2€œIt is imperative that feedback is built into this system and that the leaders are receptive to this information. This feedback helps the leadership to understand whether the organization works the way they think it does.e2€9d Zinni explained that e2€œA good leader leads from the front, being a part of what the group or team does. The leader should only use his/her power (e2€˜Because I said soe2€™) as a last resort, and take time to ensure buy-in and understanding. This can be accomplished through listening to concerns. . . .e2€9dThanks, also, for linking to Larry Cebula's excellent post. From my discussions with some scholars, I have the impression that many academic historians are stuck in a somewhat rigid, hierarchical culture, one which they can't always even discuss very candidly in blogs. The extent to which tenure looms as an issue for academics plays a role in that self-censorship. I think many of them would welcome some of the changes Cebula suggests. Others are wedded to the old way of doing things in which they have vested so much time and effort. Still, I've seen a number of scholars complain about the 3 papers + commenter format. I welcome Cebula's call for a more inclusive approach (younger historians such as Jeremy Young of Progressive Historians have pointed out the benefits of a more inclusive approach to history, as well.)Thanks again! [url=]qgvbtao[/url] [link=]rnsonimnps[/link]Ocena: 5/5

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