Pieprz czarny mielony 250g
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od SZVMd094 Data dodania: 12 July 2015

it was too big at 4.3 inches. But now large seems to be more_a href="http://ufcdgaru.com"_ bifuteaul_/a_.My concern is with the physical home keys. The menu, home, back and search keys are all physical. They are going to wear out before my contract is up. Better to get sofware home keys in my opinion.The phone has hardly ever failed to install and run well the new apps in the market. Thus it is plenty powerful to keep up with the more demanding apps coming out for newer devices. For instance, Jan2012 I installed the new Monoply game from the market. There were many cautionary tales in the app comments about the game needing a powerful phone, etc.. But the DroidX came through and rendered the game very well. It compared favorably to the install and game operation on my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.I recommend the phone. Just be easy on button use. Battery. Ahhh. Dont expect miracles. Normal use shoud be fine. I purchased extra 2 batteries and 2 chargers. I use the phone alot. Some days I have to swap batteries 2 or 3 times. When I go out I stick 2 of the little suckers in my pocket. I use a silicone cover on the DroidX, easy to take off to swap batteries.Help other customers find the most helpful reviewsa0Was this review helpful to you?a0 | a0Ocena: 4/5

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