Pieprz czarny mielony 250g
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od UcuV05nj Data dodania: 12 July 2015

I believe you if you say that Russians find _a href="http://hdekyobo.com"_nonithg_/a_ affectionate about Okudzhava's black cat; even if my obviously even less scientific and representative experience shows that a great number of Russians are indeed affectionate to slum cats, too (but then perhaps this is a secret and unconscious bond causing me to be friends with them instead of other Russians). The makers of the video and of the drawings in it also definitely belong to this latter group. And I just think that Okudzhava himself must also belong to them once he fed the black cat; therefore he must have also belonged to those who were not happy by the idea of the bulb to chase him away. But I accept that if we deny his affection to the cat, then the other interpretation is also acceptable, and then he is in fact sorry for the impotence of the house to collect the many for the bulb.Our historic downtown houses also have always two entrances, a parade entrance and a back door. I thought to play a bit with this latter by transforming back door into black door , which also rhymes well with the black cat, just like in Russian.Ocena: 4/5

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